Group Self-defense Lessons

Find Local Group Self Defense Lessons

Individuals who are interested in karate lessons can find options at Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts. We are a local martial arts studio serving both adults and kids in the Orlando area who are ready to learn this discipline and provide them with the skills they need for self-defense and a healthier lifestyle. These group classes are designed to provide insight and training each person needs to make progress and reach goals. Our kids' classes provide instruction suited to their mastery level and learning needs. We have helpful, caring instructors who enjoy working with our clients and helping them accomplish their martial arts training over time. We also offer one on one instruction for private lessons to cater to individuals who prefer or have certain special needs or scheduling conflicts. Stop by today or call to get more details or to begin the process of signing up for karate lessons, kickboxing lessons, or self-defense classes.

People interested in taking kickboxing lessons can find these and other exciting classes at Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts. We have several options ranging from martial arts classes to kickboxing and even self-defense class. We also provide training for all ages and skill levels to make learning these disciplines and sports effective and fun. Anyone who desires to enroll in classes or learn more about our range of services is urged to contact us directly or stop by our location to see some of the classes we offer. Our team members can provide potential clients and students with information about each class, schedules, requirements, and prices. We look forward to working with the area residents to help them get the training they want for kickboxing and other exciting instructional classes we provide. Try a kick boxing lesson today and see why it is a fun and beneficial class for the residents of the area.

At Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts, we provide group self-defense lessons designed to provide careful, comprehensive instruction that can help save lives and offer confidence to people when they are in dangerous situations. We firmly believe that everyone should learn self-defense skills from professionals who can provide detailed, comprehensive instruction that will stick with students and provide them with a way to defend themselves from attackers and in other tough situations that demand them to act precisely in an effective manner. To begin the process of enrollment or find out more about classes and the prices for any of our other disciplines, please stop by or call to speak to one of our team members who can provide answers and get the process started. Now is the time to learn the necessary skills to provide each student with confidence, knowing they can defend themselves at any given time.