E-Learning Camp

We Offer an E-Learning Camp

Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts Is proud to offer the Act to School after school program for the residents of Orlando and surrounding areas. We have a wide range of services to offer at Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts, which includes our Act to School option and other convenient services for kids and busy parents who want to engage in beneficial and fun activities. We provide transportation in the Orlando area from school and provide the students with group activities and training that's sure to be a highlight of their day. To learn more about the services we provide services to the residents of the area or find out enrollment information and prices, please call us, and one of our team members will be happy to provide assistance. Parents looking for a top-quality after-school program that provides a safe and exciting environment will love this program.

Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts offers an E-Learning camp to provide a safe and convenient way to give students instruction from wherever they are located. This is a great solution for many people's challenges, whether it be because of the threat of illness, transportation, or location conflicts. This option allows each student to receive high-quality instruction from our teachers wherever they have an internet connection. The classes are designed to make it easier than ever to learn the skills and information to progress when learning martial arts and discipline techniques. Much like our traditional group classes, each student will learn the movements and skills they need to execute specific movements and learn the discipline and insight they need to advance in their area of study. To learn more about these incredible options or find out details about our on-site instruction and classes, please call or stop by today, and we will be happy to provide details and assistance with signup and more.